Best 5 Different Types of Wall Paints

Best 5 Different Types of Wall Paints

Hello Friends, Todays I am Going to share 5 different types of wall paints. That would be much effective and useful for you.

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 Types of Wall Paints 

Flat Paint

So, it is a non-reflective paint with leaving scuff marks. Mostly used on house of office ceilings and walls. If you live in a hot climatic region like North-India somewhere near it definitely uses it. It will help to stay out the Sun’s heat.

Eggshell Paint

It is a little more reflective than Flat paint. Definitely, a good pick-up to hide scuffs on walls and ceilings. This paint is mostly used in Bathrooms and kitchens. Definitely recommended by our residential home painting company in Vasundhara Ghaziabad.

types of wall paints

Satin Paint

Satin is a type of wall paint which give a very rich appearance. If you are re-painting your kitchen or halls, or those areas where you don’t want to clean on regular days. Since it’s richness and reflectiveness provides great help to clean it much faster.

Semi-Glossy Paint

Semi-Glossy is a great reflective and durable paint. if you live in cold regions it will be more likely to suit your weather conditions.

Since it is very shiny and reflective. So you don’t have to end up washing it again and again. This will be the best wall paint in the list of 5 different types of wall paints.

types of wall paints


Last but certainly not the least, High-Glossy. It is one of the richest and glossiest wall paint. Easy to clean, works great in cold regions. Since you won’t have to end up struggling with the warmness of this paint.

It works well on trim, doors, and woodwork.

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